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Waveguides and RF Components

Waveguides and RF Components are the most-demanding electrical components to design and fabricate.  We understand.  Producing your complex precision waveguide component or assembly is our specialty.

Already have a complex dip-brazed assembly with demanding tolerances that you need in small quantities?  Sycast's waveguide casting processes  will deliver you a no-compromise, precision monolithic casting AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

No compromise waveguide castings means:

  • 63 RMS or better surface finish in the waveguide, without any casting draft
  • A void-free casting (a result of Sycast's proprietary vacuum-casting system) for the entire "assembly", now a monolithic casting
  • Similar (or improved) electrical performance
  • Similar (or improved) VSWR/return loss and insertion loss

It's simple.  As long as the casting process delivers the accuracy and repeatabilty required, a monolithic cast component means less loss, better pressure tightness, improved rigidity and a simplified supply chain. All at a smaller price tag.

From basic bends, to complex hybrid couplers, to thin-wall RF enclosures with integral heatsinks, Sycast's management team has over 50 years combined experience in delivering high-precision cast and machined waveguides and related components!

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Waveguides Components

Waveguides and RF Components