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  • Fastest casting solution
  • No foundry tooling required
  • Complex cores and undercuts are easily cast
  • Excellent metalurgical control
  • No casting draft required
  • Efficient printed mold design is more evironmentally friendly
Tool-less Advantage

Above:  This 3D-Printed Sand Mold piece for a cylinder head casting includes the waterjacket core, intake and exhaust ports and side walls in a single piece of sand.

Above:  Raw aluminum cylinder head casting.  The entire sand mold assembly consisted of only 4 sand pieces, one of which is pictured above.

Tool-less Castings

Tool-less Casting Technologies

Sycast utilizes the latest additive fabrication and rapid manufacturing technologies to deliver REAL CASTINGS. REAL FAST.  Our rapid casting system is the right solution for the following applications:

  • 1-10 prototype castings
  • Complex Casting Geometries
  • Field replacement units
  • Reverse-engineered parts and reproductions

Sand Casting, Tool-less

Foundry molds are designed in CAD. A 3D-Printer builds disposable sand (or ceramic) foundry molds directly from the CAD data by alternately depositing a layer of refractory and selectively printing a layer of binder.

Investment Casting, Tool-less

Wax (or other pattern material) foundry patterns are built layer-by-layer using the latest 3D-printers / rapid prototyping machines, eliminating the need for permanent wax injection dies to be produced.  These 3d-printed wax patterns are then incorporated into the standard Investment Casting process.