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  • Fastest casting solution
  • No foundry tooling required
  • Complex cores and undercuts are easily cast
  • Excellent metalurgical control
  • No casting draft required
  • Efficient printed mold design is more evironmentally friendly
Tool-less Advantage

Above:  This 3D-Printed Sand Mold piece for a cylinder head casting includes the waterjacket core, intake and exhaust ports and side walls in a single piece of sand.

Above:  Raw aluminum cylinder head casting.  The entire sand mold assembly consisted of only 4 sand pieces, one of which is pictured above.

Tool-less Castings

Tool-less Casting Technologies

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Sycast utilizes the latest additive fabrication and rapid manufacturing technologies to deliver REAL CASTINGS. REAL FAST.  Our rapid casting system is the right solution for the following applications:

  • 1-10 prototype castings
  • Complex Casting Geometries
  • Field replacement units
  • Reverse-engineered parts and reproductions

Sand Casting, Tool-less

Foundry molds are designed in CAD. A 3D-Printer builds disposable sand (or ceramic) foundry molds directly from the CAD data by alternately depositing a layer of refractory and selectively printing a layer of binder.

Investment Casting, Tool-less

Wax (or other pattern material) foundry patterns are built layer-by-layer using the latest 3D-printers / rapid prototyping machines, eliminating the need for permanent wax injection dies to be produced.  These 3d-printed wax patterns are then incorporated into the standard Investment Casting process.