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Hybrid Mold Technology is an engineered foundry mold solution that delivers Sycast customers with a superior combination of performance and value. This approach combines the best practices of tool-less casting, sand, plaster-mold and permanent mold casting into a single mold package.

The Hybrid Mold Process

It starts with engineering collaboration.  We partner with our customer to identify the project goals: critical timelines, component performance requirements,  design and packaging limitations, etc... 

Understanding all the parameters, a matrix of Tooling (including Tool-less Casting options) and Molding Options is presented to the customer, each combination with its own cost, time-to-delivery and quality implications.

Once the exact Hybrid Mold combination is specified, Sycast will design the modular foundry molds, in CAD, derived from the customer part file.  Elements of sand, plaster and permanent mold (chill materials) are applied to discrete mold sections and/or individual features of each cast component, providing our customers with unparallelled casting performance and value.

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Above:  A plaster mold produced from a 2-impression, soft foundry tool designed for the Plaster Mold Casting Process.

Above: Shell sand cores assembled into the plaster mold.  This hybrid mold approach was specified to reduce short-run production costs by having the complex internal core be produced as a shell sand core.

Hybrid Mold Technology

Hybrid Mold Technology

Case Study

To read about how Hybrid Mold Technology was applied to the reproduction of a Lotus Twincam Cylinderhead,

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