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The Solid Mold Investment Process

A wax pattern replica of the desired cast part is produced by injecting wax into an aluminum die or by Tool-less Casting  methods. The patterns are glued to a sprue, creating a "tree" of wax patterns. Under vacuum (to eliminate air bubbles), a ceramic slurry is poured around the tree, and, after solidification, the ceramic mold is placed in a steam-chamber to melt out the wax patterns.

The hollow ceramic mold is then fired in a kiln at temperatures of up to 2000F, to eliminate any wax residue and moisture from the molds.  The ceramic mold is then ready for metal to be cast.

  • No casting draft required
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Smooth casting surfaces
  • After Tooling, inexpensive production costs for complex cast geometries and assemblies.
  • No VOCs, hazardous material or waste.  A green casting solution.

The investment casting process, also known as lost-wax casting, is capable of producing intricate castings without any parting lines. 

At Sycast, we only utilize the solid-mold variant of investment casting. Solid mold investment castings have the following advantages over ceramic-shell investment castings:

  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Lower costs for prototype and low-volume quantities
  • Solid mold properties are easily adjusted by altering the ceramic slurry formula, for fine tuning of casting accuracy and processing speed.

Investment Castings

Investment Casting

Investment Castings

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