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Sycast Advantage

Sycast uses an engineered process and controls for manufacturing sand castings

Sycast produces the finest precision sand castings possible, incorporating efficient Tool-less Casting technologies and environmentally-friendly binder systems (such as sodium silicate) to the fullest extent possible. 

Our precision sand castings are well-suited for the following applications:

  • Demanding automotive and aerospace applications
  • Pressure-tight Castings
  • Low-cost, short-run precision castings
  • Cylinder Heads, Fluid Housings, Valve Bodies, Throttle Bodies, Manifolds and Electronics Housings

Precision Sand Casting Process

Foundry tools are designed in CAD and subsequently cnc-machined, typically from high-density urethane or aluminum. 

Silica and binder (typically sodium silicate) is batch-mixed and subsequently hand-rammed and/or pneumatically packed in a flask that contains the foundry tools.

After the binder has set, the sand molds are stripped from the foundry tools, assembled and are ready for metal to be cast.

  • Engineered foundry molds
  • CNC-machined foundry tools
  • Batch-mixed mold media

Precision Sand Castings

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Precision Sand Castings

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